Open, Global and Question

OGQ is the initial word that we think carefully, Open, Global and Question. We put the will of the founder - the Let's look at the world and feel the awareness with a platform and spirit that is open for a global service. The selection continues to services necessary to the world worthy of the name of OGQ in the future.


Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD

40M+ downloaded from 200 countries

Backgrounds HD is a free smartphone app providing beautiful, curated images for lock screen & backgrounds. Launched in Jul 2011, Backgrounds HD ranked the number 1 for 2 weeks among free apps in Google play store. Now Backgrounds HD is beloved from 40,000,000+ downloads(Aug 2014) through 39 countries as an emotional platform for people to connect.

If you are interested in posting your artwork on our service, please read this document about Artist Page.


TED Air logo

Enjoy TED talks with 80+ languages

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design under the slogan - "Ideas worth spreading". TEDAir for Android, the first product of OGQ team, has been made to enable users to find and share TED speech easily. To achieve the mission that TED and OGQ share, TEDAir provides subtitles in over 90 languages with autotranslation.

TED Air is not on service anymore due to request of TED Conferences, LLC. Please use TED official app instead.

Project name: MOCA

is coming soon



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