Open, Global and Question

OGQ is the initial word that we think carefully, Open, Global and Question. We put the will of the founder - the Let's look at the world and feel the awareness with a platform and spirit that is open for a global service. The selection continues to services necessary to the world worthy of the name of OGQ in the future.


OGQ Backgrounds

OGQ Backgrounds

120M+ downloaded from 200 countries

OGQ Backgrounds is a Social image platform getting artists/creators/business profile connected to the service. This free smartphone app have been providing beautiful, curated images for lock screen & backgrounds since Jul 2011, OGQ Backgrounds ranked the number 1 for 2 weeks among free apps in Google play store. Heading for more than a image platform, OGQ Backgrounds is beloved from 120,000,000+ downloads(May. 2017) through 39 countries as an emotional platform for people to connect.

If you are interested in posting your artwork on our service, please upload from our Android app.



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